Personal Digital Alcohol Dectctor: Alcoscan AL-2500

Breath Alcohol Tester

 The specification of Alcohol detectors

Alcoscan AL-2500


Alcoscan AL 2500 is a highly sensitive and reliable alcohol detector with 3 digit LCD display of B.A.C.
Indication of B.A.C. : 0.00 ~ 0.40 BAC with audio cue.
Warm up time : 30 seconds (MAX 2 minutes)
Response time : within 2 seconds
Recycle time : < 20 seconds
No need to use mouthpiece
Sensor : Semiconductor type alcohol sensor
Power supply : Two "AA" size alkaline battery
Weights : 85g
Dimension (mm) : 104 40 20 mm
Continuous using time without battery change : 4 hours              Auto power off (After 5 minutes without test) 



Instruction of AL-2500

1. Turning on the power
To turn the unit on, depress the power button. The unit will commence a start up process and automatically re-stabilize the alcohol sensor. The LCD display will undergo a count down sequence, indicating that purge cycles and circuit tests are taking place. This process generally take 30 seconds but can last 2 minutes. Two beeping sounds and turn off at the WAIT sign and 0.00 display on LCD indicate the start up process has been completed.

2. Blow in the unit
Ensuring your mouth is close to the intake of sensor, blow one deep breath for at least 2 seconds.

3. Display


Dital display and Audio by

0.00% - 0.01%

1 beep sound

0.02% - 0.04%

2 beep sound

0.05% -

Beep sound for 5sec.

4. Retesting
When "WAIT" sign on the LCD is no longer illuminated and display 0.00 on LCD , the unit is reset and ready for retesting.

5. Low battery indicator
The AL 2500 lets you know when the battery is low. sign lights at the low battery that indicates fresh batteries should be installed before retesting.

1. Allow at least 15 minutes between the last consumption of alcohol and testing.
2. Enclosed rooms with low ventilation or air conditioning may delay the time taken for resetting between tests.
3. Spittle or alcohol contamination of the alcohol sensor will delay the time taken for resetting between tests. In the event of spittle or alcohol contamination, the unit can be shaken to ensure a quick recovery of the sensor.