The Ultra-sonic wave massager has been developed
for the good effect of the skin health with 100million Hz
applied. Especially, the BBS care plus was invented to
realize the effects of both the skin improvement of the
woman and its care through its action in the heat
preservation, vibration and cleansing with the
application of the basic principle of the Ultra-sonic

What is the Ultrasonic?

The sound the human ear can take is called the audible sound. Its range covers approximately 300Hz to 3,400Hz. There is no definite boundary between the audible sound and the Ultra-sonic sound,
but in terms of ergonomics, we call 20,000Hz or more the Ultra-sonic wave.
Among the animal species, there are bats and dolphins which can take the Ultra-sonic wave,
that is, they can hear the sounds varying between 2,000Hz and 150,000Hz. Using this sense-organ, they can readily identify even the property of a material, animate or inanimate, timber or metal.
Hospitals make use of the 100 million Hz or more of the Ultra-sonic wave safely for the Ultra-sonic cleaner or the microscope which covers 1,00million - 5Ghz.

How to use

Function of the Ultrasonic Wave
BBS care plus infiltrates from the epidermal tissue to the hypodermic fatty strata with the
1 million Hz of fine vibrations, activates the skin tissue as well as the dissolution of the fatty
tissue and acquire the effect of reducing bodily fats and improving the skin simultaneously.

Function 1. Vibration.

Effect of reducing the partial amount of bodily fats.
The Ultra-sonic wave harmless to the human body infiltrates deeper into the skin (4~5cm) with the 100 million Hz times per second of vibrations, stimulates every skin cell and activates the skin cells themselves. The Ultra-sonic wave infiltrates the hypodermic fatty strata,burn out the hypodermic fats with its kinetic energy and reduces the bodily fats.

Function 2. Heat Generation.

Recovery of the Skin, resilient skin, fine wrinkles.
The friction heat caused by the vibration infiltrates deeper into the skin, normalizes the flow of the blood or limp (Limp massage) and makes a smooth supply of nutrients to every nook and corner of the cell, thus recovering the skin metabolism disordered by external circumstances (contamination, pollution) in a cycle of the normal 28 days and helps making the healthy and beautiful skin.

Function 3. Cleansing.

Bleaching & Cleansing Effect.
Because the vibration of the Ultra-sonic wave generates thousands of minute foams, it will hold in check the sedimentation of the Melanin color elements lying deep in the skin.
It will remove the dark spots of the skin and discharge the capillar wastes and dusts.

POWER : 110/220V 50Hz/60Hz
SIZE: 56 X 165 X 55 MM