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Disk Dr. for Neck

Traction Belt for the herniated disc -"Disk Dr.", excellent treatment effects as well as rapid removal of pain by reducing the pressure of lumbar vertebrae through scientific and precise special air pocket effect.

Specially materialized air hole by the unique mechanical structure acting effectively to the specific part of the body

Disk Dr. (for Neck) is a new conceptional medical equipment for the treatment
of herniated disc in neck. It offers swift pain relief and excellent treatment by enlarging the space between cervical vertebrae of neck by letting air move up and down in a special air hole. The right usage of this equipment will enhance the medical treatment and reduce the treatment period.

* Characteristics of Disk Dr. for herniated cervical disc

1. Secure ergonomics supporter fixed just as covering the neck
- Disk Dr. that fix the neck more securely just as covering it, is designed with concern for the shape and move of neck.

2. Supporting frame preventing excessive pressure on the chest and the cervical region
- It prevents excessive pressure on the chest and the cervical region by decentralizing the pressure on the supporter.

3. Traction belt
Performs effective traction with effective injection of air moving up and down

4. Adjustable one touch adhesive belt
- You can easily regulate the size in proportion to your figure by setting up the adjustable one touch belt.

* Disk Dr. is demonstrated that it plays an effective role on the treatment of patients suffering from acute and chronic pain of cervical vertebral.

* This clinical demonstration is tested by orthopedics study of Inje University and Kim Jung-Jik, Park Sin-Woo, a professor team of Paik hospital in Seoul.

* Win the first prize in the section of health and medical instrument from Inpex Show in America, which is one of the biggest invention exhibitions in the world.

* Medical item permit: No. 97-98
* Medical permit of manufacture: No.651
* Clinical consultation: Orthopedic team in Paik hospital
* Domestic invention patent: No.142202
* Domestic invention application: No. 10-2000-31845
* Domestic utility model: No.20-2000-16396
* Domestic design application: No. 2000-11623~4
* Registration of Venture company: No.2002112731-8801
* Invention patent in Japan: No.2911437
* Invention patent in America: No.5980560
* FDA registration: ER No.9611754
* ISO 9002: Q51593
* ISO 13488: M51592
* EN 46002: M51592
* Acquired CE Mark: May 26, 2000
* Win the first prize from Inpex Show in America : March, 2000