Laser Hair Eliminator: HairFree

1. “HairFree” is a rechargeable portable laser hair remover by using laser’s particular feature which can absolve only the blacks selectively.

2. “HairFree” is a portable laser hair remover for home use, it can be used freely without adhering to time for someone who dreaming permanent hair remover.

3. “HairFree” Laser hair remover is a slim and lightly designed product to remove the hairs particularly for finger, toes, arms, legs, bikini line, armpit, and so on.

4. For safety, it is designed to start operating laser beam when should be pushed the both of the touch sensor and laser output start buttons simultaneously. Specially, it removes the targed hair instantly when push the laser start button after neighboring the touch-sensor bar to the targeted.

5. “HairFree” Laser hair remover is a semi-permanent hair removal device.
Laser’s energy is converted to heating energy when it flows from hair pillar to hair-root, follicle. And finally it cuts down new hairs’ growing by destroying the hair root and follicle.

HairFree, a laser hair eliminator for home use, is a safe and easy answer to the permanent removal of unwanted hair.
Now you can enjoy the permanent hair removal with HairFree in home without going to the expensive skin care center.

HairFree, a laser hair eliminator, is a medical instrument, manufactured on the basis of the scientific researches and up-to-date technologies.
808nm wavelength being used worldwide for hair removal has been proved to be an average of 80% effective for permanent hair removal by world leading research institutes and Universities. Even if the laser is not emitted directly on hair, it also has a hair removal effect by emitting onto the root of hair through the skin because 808nm wavelength penetrates deep into the root of hair.

About Laser
The name LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Many people have a tendency to think that laser is having all-round capability to treat all of things, but in fact, laser is merely applied to surgical operations and skin diseases by using appropriately the wavelength, emission method of the light. Laser also has a unique wavelength and a single color attribute, which contribute to the hair removal treatment. Although the light emitted from sun is consists of different wavelengths of lights, laser is a light which has only one wavelength. In other words, laser has a characteristic, which respond to only one color.

Laser & Hair
When the laser is absorbed by skin tissue, it generates thermal injuries on skin tissue by transforming into heat energy. Thermal injuries of skin tissue dissolve the tissue on degrees over 100 and cause scar arisen from irreversible degeneration on degrees between 50 and 100. Reversible regeneration is generated under 50 degrees, and this make the skin tissue possible to be restored into normal condition.
The degree of thermal injuries determined by wavelength of laser, intensity of light, the time emitted, absorbing material and characteristics, etc. It is applied to surgical operations and can treat a variety of skin diseases without causing any side effects.
The laser used for hair removal destroys the root of hair by emitting it on hair or surroundings after being absorbed into pigment.
The principal of laser hair removal is that the light energy emitted by characteristic wavelength of laser which is selectively absorbed by the melanin pigment located in hair follicles, destroys the root of hair by transforming into thermal energy.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

* Much faster and easier way for a hair removal than other existing methods
* Almost painless and less time-consuming compared to other treatments
* Treats large areas of hair at a time
* Less number of times for treatment
* Assures precise and reliable treatment
* Permanent hair removal and hair reduction effect
* You can feel the soft skin resulted from pore constriction after being treated.
* If you have tanned too much or have dyed the hair, wait until the skin is returned into normal color because laser has a characteristic feature that reacts to only a dark hair.

* High-power semiconductor laser causing no side effect and easy to use
* Includes several safe equipments assuring safe and easy uses at home
* The laser is emitted only within the scope of short distance by executing the emission in the process of concentrating the laser light with optical lens to prevent from doing any harm to the people.
* Adjustable timer of laser emission and power controller of laser
* Slim and portable design easy to carry along in case of a travel or business trip
* If dark, the hair in almost any part of the body can be treated such as arm, leg, brow, bikini line, beard, etc. It is, however, principal not to have a treatment on near the nipples and perineal region that have much pigment precipitation. When you have a treatment on facial region, give much attention in order not the eyes to be exposed by laser.
* Almost any part of the body can be treated such as eyebrow, armpit and bikini line of woman and beard of man. Your unwanted hairs can be safely removed from any part of your body in the shortest possible time imaginable.

For better effective treatment
1. The shorter and coarser the hair, the better the treatment result in that the long hair prevents the laser from easily transmitting into the root of hair.

2. Shave the area up to nearly clean with 1~2 mm of hair left to have a best result.
This procedure will facilitate adequate destruction of the root of the hair follicles by the laser. Electric hair removal cannot pull the hair out if not grown, on the contrary, grown hair is obstacle for laser hair removal. Following or one day prior to your treatment, remove the hair with a shaver or others. But don¡¯t pull the hair out because laser is not effective at the area the hair is pulled out.

3. Let the heat of your skin cool down with an ice pack before and after the treatment as well as during the treatment because the laser generates much heat on your skin during the uses. If you have no ice pack, the substitutes such as cool towel can be used.

4. You can have a treatment by letting the laser emit directly on your hair.
Even if the laser is emitted into the root of hair through the skin, it also penetrates deep into the root of hair and destroys it.

5. Aim the laser as closely as possible like as drawing a circle at your skin not at the end of hair.

6. At the treatment of the regions hard to aim the hair such as armpit, have a treatment with help of other people or use it as drawing a picture slowly as pictures below.

7. At the treatment, there is some pain  It is described the sensation as a ¡°snap¡± or a ¡°mild stinging¡±-associated with the high temperatures of the laser. This means the root of hair is successfully destroyed. Like this way, repeat at other regions.

8. If there are burned hairs left, pull them out with high-frequency tweezers.

9. Two or three times of sensation of stinging on each hair at a treatment is suitable.
Apply the laser at skin pores in turns: Laser treatment at a skin pore in succession is not good.

808nm wavelength penetrating deep into the root of hair

Avoid direct exposure to laser closely on your eyes for the safety. After finishing the uses, keep children away from using it with the power key pulled off.

Its epilation principle is to burn the targed hair out instantly without a skin damage by high frequency (808nm) of laser beam according to the principle of the particular feature which it can absolve only the blacks selectively.
The high frequency laser beam is converted to heating energy when it flows from hair-pillar to melanin pigment in hair-root, follicle. And finally it cuts new hairs’ growing down by destroying the hair root and follicle.
Finally it gives to stay without hair removal for long time because it drops hair’s growing speed slow down and make hair’s size as thin and weak.