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Pelvis Correction Device DreamAir DA-3000

DREAMAIR DA-3000 is a pelvis correction device in chair type

DREAMAIR DA-3000 contracts a widened pelvis, creating a beautiful curve and keeping the pelvis healthy and functional.
The product is for both men and women.

The product, orthopedic equipment, was approved by the Korea Food & Drug Administration and has been proven to be effective at hospitals throughout the nation.

Also, the DREAMAIR DA-3000 is equipped with an automatic sensor, automatically adjusting the inflow of air by sensing the body type and hip size.

Therefore, regardless of the size of the hip, the product rectifies widened pelvis.
By using the product according to the daily instructions below, the widened pelvis is relocated to the correct position, and if the product is used over a long period of time, you may get back the beautiful body shape and hipline you had in your 20's.

DreamAir DA-3000 is designed with the most advanced mechanical brain.
DreamAir DA-3000 detects the difference of body (hip) types so that it corrects each user's pelvis in the most optimal manner.

Function of main frame
1. Right side case: Right side support of this appliance
2. Left side case: Left side support of this appliance
3,4. Right side air pressure: (Right side A , Right side B)
Right side air-bags
5,6. Left side air pressure: (Left side A , Left side B)
Left side air-bags
* DreamAir DA-3000 is equipped with an automatic sensor, automatically
adjusting the inflow of air by sensing the body type and hip size
7. Adjustment function control
8. A seat
9. The back of a chair: Can regulate gradually angle of back

Adjustment function control

A. Time indication
B. Power On/Off Switch
C. It shows the level of the pressure ("Week”, "Middle”, "Strong")
D. It shows the time indication ("10 minutes,” "15 minutes”, "20 minutes")
E. It shows the lamp indication

Product specification

-Product name: pelvis medical instrument
-Model name: DreamAir DA-3000
-Voltage: AC 220V 60Hz (We can supply the type of AC 110V)
-Electric Power: 12W
-Product Size (mm): 530*550*450
-Packing Size (mm): 575*335*550
-Weight: 8.5Kg

- Can adjust gradually angle of back

- Air-bags endurable for 1ton weight correct your pelvis
- Air-bags endurable for 1ton weight correct your "O" type legs
- Because of air bags method, you can feel almost no pain

Daily instruction

1st - 15th day (Once or twice per day at low pressure)
For 15 days after using the product, the feet could be sore and you may experience light pain. There is no reason to worry about such symptoms; they occur because the airbag stimulates the muscles that are rarely used. These
symptoms will subside slowly as the pelvis contracts and the muscles strengthen.
(Use the product once in the morning and once in the evening, setting the pressure 'Low')

16th - 30th day (Twice or three times per day at mid or low pressure)
The pelvis starts to contract gradually and the pelvic muscle begins to strengthen.
During this period, the pressure could be set at 'low' or 'mid' level. After the 30th day, menstrual pain and incontinence symptoms start to ameliorate. Those 60 or older should use the product at 'low' or 'mid' pressure. (Select the pressure at 'low'
or 'mid' level and use the product once in the morning and once in the evening per day.)

30th - 100th day (Twice or three times per day at mid or high pressure)
During the period, the pelvis contracts and muscles have strengthened. The pressure could be selected at the 'high' level according to one's size and preference during this period. Also, during this period the frequency of usage could be increased to two to three times per day. Set the pressure level at 'mid' or 'high' and use the product in the morning and before going to bed. Those who use the product continually for 60 days may expect the change in the size of the pelvis and the vagina. Also, bended legs could be ameliorated and the beautiful body shape and hip line could be realized.

After 100 days (Two to three times at mid or high pressure level)
During this period, the physiological changes could be felt. However, when discontinuing the use of the product, the pelvis widens again due to child birth, sexual intercourse, menstruation, and incorrect postures.
However, if the product is used continually, one can maintain the hipline and the beautiful shape of a woman in her twenties. When comparing the body after 100 days since using the product, one may feel the difference.

One year later (Twice or three times a day at “mid” to “high” pressure level)
During this period, the frequency could be decreased to 10 to 15 times per month. Even when the frequency is dropped to 10 to 15 times, the widening or the crooking of the pelvis could be prevented, maintaining a beautiful hipline and body shape. However, after sexual intercourse, childbirth, or menstruation, the pelvis widens again. Therefore, the product should be used.

When to use the product after childbirth
After childbirth, start to use the product two weeks later according to the daily instructional manual, first setting the pressure level at 'low'. DreamAir DA-3000 is for both women and men. We recommend that couples use the product together.
Importance of Pelvis Correction

The pelvis is the very foundation of our skeletal system. Misalignment or enlargement in the pelvis will inevitably lead to misalignment throughout the skeletal system. It may lead to, upwards through the spinal column, strain on spinal vertebrae segments in the lower, middle and upper back, affecting neck, shoulders and arms, and downwards, through the legs affecting knees, ankles and feet.

The pelvis is also the bone that protects the large intestine, the urinary system, and the reproductive system. By correcting the misalignment in the pelvis and contracting the pelvic muscles to their original positions, the internal organs can resume their respective original positions and the healthy body can be recreated from the inside, improving the general appearance.

Specifically, the muscles in the upper arms and chest are tightened, preventing any sagging or drooping and the sides are strengthened so that the natural curve line reappears and the excessive fat on the side (love handles) disappears. The muscles in the lower back are strengthened as well. The stronger back raises the lowered hip which lengthens the legs.

When the pelvis is contracted and the internal organs resume their respective normal positions, the nervous system finds its balance. Especially, the nerve group that affects our appetite becomes balanced so as to reduces the craving for food and prevent bulginess in the abdominal area.

When the pelvis is straightened, all the organs resume their respective original positions and the body begins to function at its optimal stage which ultimately leads to loss of excessive fat. The smooth blood circulation and lymph flow increase metabolism and muscular power so that the body is no longer susceptible to weight gain.
It is not an overstatement that nowadays there is no one with perfectly aligned pelvis.

Recommend to

1. Woman with childbirth experience
2. Woman soon to be married
3. Woman who feels her vagina is wider than before
4. One who wants to regain the hip-line and figure from one’s youth
5. One who has “O” type legs
6. One who feels the shape and/or size of one’s hip has become different
from before
7. One who is uncomfortable because of urinary incontinence
8. One who has severe menstrual pain


- The people below shouldn't use the Product
- Polio patients
- Senior citizens or children
- Osteoporosis patients
- Those who need the care of a physician
- Leukemia patients
- Pregnant women
- Those whose pelvises are severely twisted
- During menstruation
- 2 weeks before childbirth
- Do not use within one hour after a meal and do not smoke while using the
- Those who suffer severely from ailments, heart diseases, or cerebral hemorrhage
should not use the product.

DreamAir DA-3000 is an Art Mechanical Medical Instrument which built under the measures of Air Sensor, for professional Transfiguration Medical Instrument which approved by the Food & Drugs Control Offices.

DreamAir DA-3000 is made of Human Flesh Engineering Structure Plan through stdies of user's environmental considerations in details.

DreamAir DA-3000 is obtained recognition of creative technique of the Patents thru the Utilities, New Designs registered.

DreamAir DA-3000 is simple for the directions to uses.

DreamAir DA-3000 is the Instrument trustable recommanded by the physicians of Plastic Operation and Herb Medicines.

DreamAir DA-3000 is the Firm settled the Custom Consulting Center and offering their services for the users.

DreamAir DA-3000 is the professional Transfiguration Refrom Medical Instrument made through above noted datas