DIY 3D (3-Dimension) Transfer Printing Paper & Sticker

Product & Item Name


ó║ 3-Dimension Trasnfer Printing Paper

Eyes, nose, mouth of a character will be expressed in three-dimensional way. Without distinction of age or sex, anyone can simply work with it. Can print on cloths by using an iron at home. Not come off even in laundering by washing machine. Agreeable to touch and prominent.
Customer(Apply with an iron at home) - Purchase a character transfer sticker desired, then produce fashionable contents desired on T-shirts, trousers, training suits, baby wears, night clothes, cushions, hats, bags, umbrellas, handkerchiefs, neckties in cubic way. Fancy shops and company' PR places(Instant printing with a mini press or an iron at all kinds of event/performance/cinema preview places) - Instant printing on clothes and small items is possible by making ad materials with logo, mark, photograph of product as DIY solid foaming transfer stickers. (Customers can directly produce fashions at home, according as the stickers made will be given to customers for sales promotion and PR purpose.) They are also available for PR as the attachment to a CD or a book.

  1. Size : 360mmí┐240mm
  2. OEM : Available
  3. Avalilable for any Colors and Designs