Magic Non Slip Pad & Non Slip Patch


Magic Non Slip Pad Non Slip Patch Magic Non Slip Pad Non Slip Patch Magic Non Slip Pad Non Slip Patch

Product & Item Name


You can drive without slipping portable telephone, sunglasses, cigarettes, coin, tollgate pass, ball-point pen put on this spider. It also absorbs shock. It does not use any portable phone rack or adhesive and can be reused just by water-washing when adhesive strength is getting weaker due to dust or finger marks.

  • Product
    Non-Slip Pad
  • Characteristics and its Usage
    * You can place a mobile phone, sunglass, cigarettes, etc. without any slippage and additionally, it absorb the shock.
    * You don't need adhesive or hanger for the mobile phone
    (Use special adhesive sheet)
    * It is especially effective for vehicles that often shakes and sways, such as cars, ships, aircrafts, and trains.

    How to Use
    After peeling off the paper on the back, attach it on the places of your choice.
    If you wish, you can detach it and reuse it on other places.
    (It will not leave unsightly mark)

  1. Size : 100mm170mm (OEM Size available)
  2. OEM Logo: Available