Suffering from the cold? from aches? Then just apply a hot pad!

Disposable moxa hot pack

Product Features
- use more than 12 consecutive hours on maintaining terperature 60C ~ 70C
- as you want to use for keeping warm or fomentation on the each region of the body
efficiency : execise desease
attention for operation
1. when you are using it for long time on one part at body the temperature increased over 60C, in this time be attention to get burn and use it after tie up in towel
2. please be careful to not tear up or break down by unreasonable handling
- out pack over all size 155 x 180
- weight : 140g/pc
- maximum Temperature : 185F(85C)
- Average Temperature : 140F(60C)
- Heating Duration : up to 15hours
* special : inclusion of moxa power made from oriental herb