Ice Pack & Hot Pack ( "Jade Ice-Hot Pack" )

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Ice Hot Pack ( "JADE IceHot" )
- A promotional Ice pack
"JADE IceHot pack"
is a promotional ice and hot pack, Check-valve is attached on vinyl pack, natural jade powder and high absorptive polymer is mixed contents, which is for hot and cold fomentation pack labeled as "Coolness and Passion".
Through a check-valve, fill with water up to marked line, it is shut off conveniently and water will not leak out as the contents chemically turns into gel type. This is used as hot pack after boiling, and as cold pack after freezing and
With our impossible price, it is very effective in Chinese medicine clinic, Plastic surgery, Orthopedics, and good for marketing to the people of housewives and the aged.

"JADE IceHot pack" is good for cold storage as it keeps proper temperature to hold its best condition of the product. It is good for cold transportation as it is widely used to be characteristic of the product. Many of summer article companies use this ice pack to promote their products and turn out to be very effective in advertising.


Use & Effects!

Cold pack helps to go down the swelling of the skin, to relieve the partial pain and muscle cramps. When having injuries on muscle, joint, and ligament by falling down or momentary shock, it is good to have cold pack for 1-2 days. Apply 1-3 times a day and 5-7 minutes per each time is recommended.

Hot pack use is the contrary of ice pack. Hot pack has an effect on blood circulation by expanding the injured small blood vessels. Hot pack is recommended to use 24-48 hours after recovering from swelling or bleeding. Apply hot pack covered by towel to the injured parts by rubbing it for 20-30 minutes a day. Generally, hot pack has an effect on relieving pains of chronic arthritis and muscles

Check-valve and How to fill water

Fomentation pack, "Coolness and Passion", uses unique check-valve. Check-valve is 2 layers of thin vinyl, so insert a tab to fill water between these 2 layers. After filled water up to marked line (about 2/3 of the product), it will be shut off automatically without any other device and there is no water leakage.

How to Use

Cold pack Freeze the pack over 3 hours to be the best condition for cold pack.
Hot pack Heat the pack about 3-4 minutes at microwave oven. Use this hot pack wrapped in a towel. Store at where children cannot reach.

Components : Natural Jade Powder + High Absorptive Polymer - harmless to human

Material : Nylon 0.12mm thickness, solid and durable

Size: 35cm x 21cm

Imprinting: Photo Gravure printing

Packing: 500 pieces or 1,000 pieces packaged in a box

Box size: 60cm(L) x 40cm(W) x 35cm(H)
Box weight: Various


21 x 35 cm Nylon IceHot
21 x 35 cm Nylon IceHot
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