Ice Pack ( "BLU IcePack" )



Ice Pack ( "BLU IcePack" )
- A promotional Ice pack
"BLU icepack"
is a promotional ice pack, there are difficulties in using ice when melted in containers. We will solve this problem with ice pack labeled, "BLU Ice", which is necessary for cold transportation and cold storage by preserving the proper temperature.
Through attached a check-valve, fill with water up to marked line, it is shut off conveniently and water will not leak out as the contents chemically turns into gel type. Freeze the ice pack over 8 hours and its cold effectiveness lasts 2-3 times longer than real block of ice. It is economical since users can re-freeze it when melted. It is semi-permanently re-usable.  

"BLU Icepack" is good for cold storage as it keeps proper temperature to hold its best condition of the product. It is good for cold transportation as it is widely used to be characteristic of the product. Many of summer article companies use this ice pack to promote their products and turn out to be very effective in advertising.


Use & Effects!

Preserving the effect of animal vaccine, medicine, etc.
Cold massage to relieve the pain - Dentist, Plastic surgery, Orthopedics
Substitute for ice in the icebox during summer vacation
Sales promotion for approaching people

  • Agricultural products: Gimchi, fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Livestock products: Ribs of beef, pork, etc.
  • Marine products: Dried yellow corvine, tilefish, mackerel, abalone, etc.
  • Forest products: Gill fungus, etc.
  • Principal products: Potatoes cake, etc.
  • Fresh storage in fishing
  • Preserving the effect of animal vaccine, medicine, etc.
  • Cold massage to relieve the pain - Dentist, Plastic surgery, Orthopedics
  • Substitute for ice in the icebox during summer vacation
  • Sales promotion for approaching people

Check-valve World First, World Best ! Kashiwara check-valve

Generally, air products have round type tube stopper.
But it uses this unique check-valve to fill with air in it.
Ice pack, "BLU Ice", uses unique check-valve. Check-valve is 2 layers of thin vinyl, so insert a tab to fill water between these 2 layers. After filled water up to marked line (about 2/3 of the product), it will be shut off automatically without any other device.
Kashiwara check-valve for domestic use and for overseas market. Now, buyers and customers realize the importance of check-valve and they compliment us on our quality product.


How to Plate

  • Check-valve is found at the bottom of it. It is 2 layers of thin vinyl, so insert a straw to blow the air between these 2 layers. Take the straw out of it after inflating it will be filled automatically without any other device to shut off. Base material itself has a little air transmission after a while, but it is re-usable. After use, insert the straw deeply but very carefully to deflate it.

Base material:

Strong and durable material and generally used for ice pack. With its character that can be semi-permanently use, senders and final users also can reduce costs and materials in resources.
Water drops when ice pack is melting can be absorbed in this non-woven material, and it is used for high quality fishes, gill fungus, etc. Some of ice pack currently being used as a pain relief at dental clinic is PVC that is toxic and not appropriate to use in touch of human skin. Substitute of PVC, demand of non-woven ice pack is now increasing.
Material of polyethylene itself is not as strong as Nylon but unit value is reasonable and good for low cost pack. It is recommended to use for marine products that does not require much of big impact.


Normal size
10cm x 20cm, 11cm x 14cm, 16cm x 21cm,
18cm x 23cm, 18cm x 27cm, 22cm x 27cm.

Imprinting Photo Gravure printing

  • Since our base material is tube type, we can print 2 different designs separately on front and backside. 1 color imprinting on front and 1 color imprinting on backside of it is the basic, and we can do maximum 3 colors on front and 2 colors on back. Printing quantity is limited in color degrees, and you can contact our office for more details.
Design suggestion for production
  • All artwork and designs must be submitted in the approved format, Adobe Illustrator file (A.I. file). Some are sending us in JPG file but we are not able to work with it. Before production, we will send a draft of your design by on-line for approval, this is very convenient and we both can prevent any mistakes in advance. We do not make sample production and you can contact our design team for more details.

Minimum order quantity

  • Order Quantity If printing is required on the pack, minimum order quantity is 25,000 pieces since
    nylon base material is fixed at 6,000m.

    Nylon Based on Nylon base material of 1 roll = 6,000m
    10cm x 20cm - 55,000 pieces
    16cm x 21cm - 35,000 pieces
    22cm x 27cm - 25,000 pieces

    Non-woven 11cm x 14cm - 1,000 pieces
    16cm x 21cm - 1,000 pieces
    18cm x 23cm - 1,000 pieces
    18cm x 27cm - 1,000 pieces

    P.E. Over 3,000 pieces order is acceptable.


Packaging 1,000 pieces or 2,000 pieces packaged in a box
Box size: 60cm(L) x 40cm(W) x 35cm(H)
Box weight: Various

10cm x 20cm ice pack - 2,000 pieces packing base
16cm x 21cm ice pack - 1,500 pieces packing base
22cm x 27cm ice pack - 1,000 pieces packing base

Promotional examples

16 * 21 Nylon Icepack
16 * 23 Non-woven Icepack
Sales Promotion
Dental Clinic Icepack