Portable Baby Bottle Teat, Nipple Sterilizer!

Item #: NS101


  • Lamp
    Activates ultra-violet rays and ozone to sterilize viruses and bacteria on the bottle-teat by the minimized circle type UV lamp (CCFL and lamp life is semi-permanent)
  • Switch
    The safety running switch is used to prevent a trouble from kids' mischief and shock, The lamp is activated by turning the switch clockwise twice and pressing lightly downward simultaneously and the lamp (Ultra violet ray and Ozone) will be automatically turn off itself after sterilization for approximately 5 minutes (do not switch off by turning random).
  • Upper case
  • Bottom case
  • Transparent main body
  • Adaptors
    Can be chosen either of them with the nursing bottle size.


Model NS101
Material PC/PP
Lamp CCFL(Ultra Violet Ray + Ozone)
Lamp Life 20,000hrs
Power Source 2 batteries(AAA 1.5v)
Estimated life span of battery 15 days, used 5 times daily
Dimensions 74mm x 82mm x 25mm

How to use

  1. First, insert the teat into the adaptor (big or small ; 2 kinds) in the teat sterilizer set after separating nursing bottle stem
  2. Second , insert the adaptor combined with the teat into the teat sterilizer (main body) lightly.
  3. Third, turn the upper part switch twice to clockwise by pressing lightly downward and the lamp (Ultra violet ray and Ozone) will be activated automatically for approximately 5 minutes (do not switch off by turning random) and will turn off itself after sterilization. 2 AAA batteries are designed to use and it lasts more than 15 day by using 5 times daily.
  4. In order to replace the battery, open the upper case by turning over.

Caution when use

  • The sterilizing power will be reduced when the lamp gets dirt. Please use cotton swab or gauze to clean lamp once in 2 weeks.

    Please do not place Nipple Sterilizer in water. It damage the electronic part.

    Please replace the battery when the lamp is dim (approx. 15 days used 5 times daily)
  • When the lamp is operating please do not look at the lamp closely and directly in separated from the transparent main body.
  • As this apparatus is a sensitive electronic product, please do not overhaul

Nursing bottle-teat sterilizer for infant, why it should be used?

Immunity of newborn baby drops remarkably until 3 ~ 6 months. They are apt to be exposed to infection in air. Sterilizing the bottle-teat before nursing to babies is essential common sense of mothers to raise them healthfully. Boiling nursing bottle in water for fixed time is a method but it may not only change the shape the silicon teat and but also shorten its life-time. Also, there is environmental hormone occur when boil the silicon teat. Instead of boiling, we use microwave oven or electric sterilizer.

However, due to heating the teat directly, harmful material can may be occurred, and instead of convenience for using electric sterilizer, but it is still insufficient for preventing from the secondary infection in air