Digital Salt Meter with Thermometer


1. For health (home)
After checking the salt content normally ingested through food use it to improve health and eating habits through a gradual reduction in the amount of salt consumed.
2. For taste (home)
Use it to help cook food in accordance with the determined salt content at all times by checking the salt amount even when food does not taste especially salty.
3. For standardized taste (restaurants, hospitals, schools and etc.)
Since saltiness can be a subjective taste and can change according to food temperature, kind of food, and individuals' experience and sensitivity, use it to aid in the standardization and management of salt content in public institutions such as restaurants, hospitals and schools.
Day Salt Intake Limitation
Amount: Main Country
1. U.S.A: 6g (Salt) per day
2. Japan: 10g
3. Britain: 4g
4. Korea: 8.7g
5. WHO: 6g
(World Health Organization)
Sensor part
It is the part that measures Salt concentration, TDS and Temperature. The sensors surface is plated with gold, and a temperature sensor is contained inside. This probe has been treated for waterproof.
Power (ON/OFF) switch
It is used to turn the power on and off. After use, the power turns off automatically within one minute.
Measurement selection (MODE) switch
It is used when selecting the mode for measurement such as salt concentration (%),TDS(ppm, mg/L) or Temp. (). Whenever pushing it, the measurement mode changes. When the power is turned on, the default mode is the temperature mode.
Hold (Test) switch
It is used when holding the measurement value during measurement. When measurement is done again, it is ok to push the 'Hold switch' once again.
Adjusting screw (salt concentration)
When the measured value is abnormal, open the cover on the back of the main body with the salt concentration adjusting screw, and turn the adjusting screw with a driver to adjust it so that the measured value coincides exactly with the value of standard solution (0.9% NaCl solution). Read item (5) below for the correction of the salt meter. (Don't adjust it before use since it was already adjusted prior to shipping.)


This tester is a dual purpose SALT with Temperature.
Shows salt concentration in food as a percentage.
It helps you monitor your daily salt intake.

Salt content of food and salt intake monitoring
Standardization of taste in food manufacture
The total sum of all compounds in Water
Hydroponic feed delivery testing

Auto Calibration & Auto Temp.(C / F ) Conversion
Gold plated waterproof sensor probes
Hold button to freeze the reading
Batteries 2 x CR1632 supplied
Battery life 6 months (used 3 times per day)
Dimensions 30h x 30w x 195d mm

Conductivity measurement method
Range 0.0 - 5.0%
Resolution 0.1%
Sample temperature range 0 - 70C

Range 0 - 100C
Accuracy 1C of reading (@0 - 70C)

Supplied with case, sample spoon, sensor protection cap, operation manual,
0.9% saline solution
CE Certified / 6 Months Warranty


Home/Food Industry/Health-Care/Industry
: Health is indispensable to everyone
- Indispensable for those with SALT health concerns.
- Measuring the SALT intake amount periodically, must do Healthy life at ordinary times.
- Preservation of fixed taste of food (dishes).
- Salt Amount of Food Measurement (Food Industries).

-All hot and cold fluids and/or solids
- Kitchen and bakeries /Oil for frying
-Hydroponics and Aquaculture
-Freezers/coolers and heating systems
-Motors,generators and ventilations systems
-Academic,scientific and medical Laboratories