Portable Oxygen Generator (O2-Balance)

It is generating the best Oxygen concentration (30%) for human body.
It is adopting "Safe Membrane Oxygen Generating"
What is Portable Oxygen Generator (O2-Balace)?

"O2-Balance" is a portable oxygen generator, most efficient, economical and safe.

- Oxygen Concentration in area -
1. Main Capital cities: ~ 20.8%
2. Residential in Capital cities: ~ 20.5%
3. Forest, Mountain area: Approx. 21.6%
4. Seaside: Approx. 21.8%
5. O2-Balance: Approx. 30%

30% High Purity Oxygen
1.5 times of airborne oxygen concentration!
The high-purity oxygen of 30% concentration is supplied with 3§Īper minute.
This allows you to feel much higher oxygen effect with more than about 2 times of 0.4§Īper minute, which is the required amount of oxygen for an adult.


2,000,000 Anions -2 Mega EMS Anions
High-tech EMS anion!
In terms of an anion, which is called the vitamin of air, it offers much more pleasant environment of an anion than in the forest or a waterfall, through providing 2,000,000 anions per 1cc of air.

3 +1 Clean System
The 3 +1 clean system, which added mega anion to 3-step clean system, the same class as the air cleaner, provides high-purity oxygen air more cleanly.
(The clean function of this apparatus offers only clean function of small capacity as to high-purity oxygen supply.)

  • 1st Step: Free Carbon Filter
  • 2nd Step: Medium Filter
  • 3rd Step: Oxygen Membrane
  • 4th Step: (-)Ion Generation (Anion Generation)
Product Specification

- Oxygen Supply: 3 LPM
- Timer: 10, 20, 40 mins.
- Oxygen concentration: 30(3) %
- The principle of oxygen generation: Oxygen Membrane
- Size: 250 x 340 x130 mm
- Power: 220v, 60hz
- Weight: 4.5kg
- Power Consumption: 60W

Special Features
1. Oxygen Generating: 3 Liter per Minute (30% Pure Oxygen)
2. Safefy (No Oxygen-Tank)
3. Silence: 35dB
4. 3+1 Purifier system (3 Purifiers + 1 Anion Generator)
5. An anion (negative ion) Generating: 2 Million
- The most Anion Generating
6. Facility using in Oxygen tourmalin Bubble Bath
7. Useful Multi-purpose Neck-set/Oxygen Facial Mask.
8. Georgious Design / Oxygen Stand / Bright LED display.
Why we need pollution free Oxygen?

  • Recharge the energy to the tired brain!
    It gives the energy to the tired brain. That's why it is effective in the attentiveness of examinees or white collars and the prevention of dementia.

    Oxygen beauty
    If you put oxygen directly to water while taking a bath, the dissolved oxygen gives elasticity to skin which is tired by pollution and stress

    Drivers escape from the exhaust fumes!
    Sleepiness, headache and breathing problem in driving with carbon monoxide is solved by fresh oxygen.

    Fresh morning, no more hangover!
    If you inhale oxygen while drinking, the central nervous system, which is paralyzed by oxygen deficiency by alcohol dissolution, is normalized Therefore, attentiveness is developed and you can start fresh morning without hangover.

    Normalization of the tired lungs by smoking!
    Fresh oxygen recovers the tired lungs by a carbon monoxide from cigarettes.

    Double the pleasure of sports!
    Oxygen not only recovers the fatigue from exercise, but also calms pulse down and activates blood circulation so it generates stamina and energy. It is already well known and used in japan, Europe and other advanced countries.

  • For the health of the pregnant woman and the new life!
    Enough oxygen supply activates blood circulation and it helps to deliver nutritive substances to the fetus and mother.

Principle of O2Balance?

Oxygen Membrane
The principle of oxygen generation for PT (type of flat sheet membrane) oxygen membrane,
which Nanopore Corporation introduced, is most simple among methods of oxygen generation,
which have been developed so far, and is the method suitable for small apparatus.
Oxygen membrane has attribute that it allows oxygen to pass and nitrogen not to pass,
when making air mixed with oxygen and nitrogen pass.
In case of, by using this attribute, compressing the external air and passing PT oxygen membrane,
the oxygen concentration of the air, which passed through the membrane,
comes to be higher than the external air, and thus we come to be able to drink air whose oxygen concentration is 30%.

Advantage of Membrane System
Immediate realization of 30% healthy oxygen!
Realization of 30% oxygen without the separate device of diluting concentration ? Simple structure and high confidence.

No risk of oxygen poisoning!
Healthy oxygen of 30% with no risk of oxygen poisoning even in case of directly inhaling.

Safe even in any case because there is no oxygen tank!
Because there is no oxygen tank, it is safe even in an emergent fire and external impact.

Oxygen lacking further for the room

In the indoor space where ventilation is not functioned well due to air pollution, oxygen comes to be insufficient because of a resident's ontinuous breathing.
A modern person's living space where is short of oxygen, becomes a serious cause for lowering the function of the brain.
The sufficiently oxygen supply is an important issue, which plays a large role even in promoting children's brain improvement
and intelligence as well as being the requirement aiming at health.

Effects of O2Balance?

Health being recovered by oxygen!
Through oxygen of 30%, making the metabolism smooth Much higher effect both on exercise and on recovery of fatigue.


Much better effect on a diet and aerobic exercise
By providing the interior of the body with high-purity oxygen, further promoting the effect of aerobic exercise
The effect of oxygen to assist in the combustion of body fat.
Simultaneously attaining the effect of health and a diet .


Even for the effect of concentration and learning
Allowing high concentration within a short time with the effect of oxygen.
Allowing a student preparing for an examination to improve learning efficiency with high-purity oxygen.
Because of helping a sound sleep during sleeping, it allows more brisk life even on the next day.


Even for children and elderly persons
Giving much bigger growth effect with high-purity oxygen to children during the growth phase.
Giving the sufficient oxygen supply with the oxygen effect even to the elderly bracket whose breathing comes to be hard.


O2Balance Main Unit

Oxygen Neck-set

Oxygen Tourmaline Spa-Set


Oxygen Facial Mask-Set

Oxygen Stand-Set