Wireless Missing Protector Alarm


PARTNER is a wireless missing protector alarm to prevent your most valuable & precious those like a baby, dog, wallet, cellular phone, dog, etc. We can announce the second to none in detecting/locating and paging System in the world.

Especially the detecting /locating system (named PARTNER)helps mothers to take care babies beyond their eye reach. Paging system ( Named MUSICCALL) will keep restaurant noise free and more efficient by immediate serving of waiter/waitresses.

    PARTNER keeps you out of losing mobile phone, wallet, bag, precious documents and even children - all of them.



  • 1 set of Accessory style receiver
  • 1 set of Key Holder style receiver
  • 2 sets of Batteries
  • Mobile Phone String(Small size)
  • Necklace style string(Large)

How to use

  1. Attach transmitter on your Mobile Phone(or any valuables), and carry the Key Holder type receiver.
  2. Switch "ON" of the transmitter as well as receiver.(You can select "OFF" mode if you don't want to use the function
  3. The Ring Alarm of receiver notices you when there the distances is too far(2~3M) between Key Holder type receiver and Accessory type transmitter that is attached on your Mobile Phone.

When to change the battery

  • Transmitter : When the receiver rings alarm repeatedly.
  • Receiver : When the receiver rings alarm periodically.